Ecovas: Window Washer of the Future?

Almost no one likes to wash windows it is a monotonous task, but at some point in time everyone has to do it. If you own a commercial building you have to hire someone, set a schedule and then hope they do a good job, well at least until now. Now that job can be done by a robotic window washer made by Ecovacs. Ecovacs is a Chinese company that is well known for making products that help you clean. It is in over a 100 countries and serve more 25 million families.

They make vacuum cleaners both regular and robotic, along with carpet cleaners and air cleaners. Now they have produced a robotic window cleaner called Winbot. The cleaner sticks to the window by magnets and moves in a set pattern to prevent streaking. There are two halves to the robot, one half is on one side and provides the locomotion. The other half on the other side does the cleaning.  They have different models depending on the thickness of the glass. It is still in the development stage and should be available later this year for around $399.

They are looking for distributors now in the United States. There isn’t a lot of information to be found about Winbot, I was wondering how it works at different temperatures and if it uses any batteries how long they last. It does look like a promising product, it will be interesting to see if it works as advertised.

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