Autolinq: Android in the Car

Autolinq is an open end to end information and entertainment platform that is based on the Android platform. Autolinq is an OEM productthat will be installed in cars and is produced by a German company Continental Inc. It will allow the user to have continual contact with their car. Providing them information about the car even if they are not in the car.

The system is designed with safety in mind and only apps that are safe to use in a car can be installed. Autolinq is also a secure platform any data that is provided will go over a secure network to protect it from hackers. One of the application shown shows the speed and location of the vehicle and sends that information back to a computer. That way a parent can keep track of a young driver.

Another application will tell you if there is something wrong with the engine and what the problem is. You can also schedule an appointment to get the car fix through the same application. A third application that was shown is one that warns you when you are low on gas and where the nearest gas station is.

These are just a few of the apps that could be installed in the system based on what the user and final seller wants. The expected price of a system that uses this product will be close to that of a high end automotive entertainment system. Since this is an OEM product, they will produce the platform but will depend on third parties to install it in various vehicles. Once the platform is completed it will be interested to see how many actually get in to vehicles.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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