I’m Never Going to the Bank Again!

Who has time to go to the bank?  I know I rarely do.  I have two checks in my purse that desperately need to find their way to the bank, and I just can’t manage to find the time to do it.  Seems silly, but it means a detour in my normal routine, and I need to block out an extra ten minutes to do it, ten minutes I don’t often have.

Hello, Paypal deposit by iPhone!  I can take a picture of the front and back of the check, and using the Paypal 2.7 app, I can deposit it right into my Paypal account.  From there I can either spend it (whee!!) or transfer it to my bank via Paypal withdrawal.  Or, if I have a Paypal debit card, I can spend it that way.

I like this idea a lot.  I know my bank doesn’t yet allow us to do electronic deposits (other than transfers).  That would be ideal; but barring that, I can skip the whole bank process and just do it via my phone.

Remember when Paypal was just a way to pay for things on eBay?

One thought on “I’m Never Going to the Bank Again!

  1. My bank has allowed scanning checks to deposit for years.
    More recently they have an iPhone app for depositing checks, and I think they have other methods, I just scan them at home for deposit.

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