Twitter Lists, The New Measure of Influence?

If you are using Twitter, you are aware that it released the ability to create lists as part of it’s core application. This has led many people to create lists on any subject you can think of. Of course with anything involving Twitter there is controversy. Especially among those who measure their importance by the number of followers they have. List have change this dynamic, and not everyone is please.

There are two ways to get a list, first you can create them from the followers you have, second you can use someone elses. There is a site called Listerous which is a good place to go if you are looking for some list. The great thing about using someone elses is that you don’t have to be following a person to see their post. Although you will only see their updates within that specific list and not your home stream. If you decide to create your own, which I recommend create them based on your needs and not what someone else tells you is right or wrong. Mashable has a good tutorial on how to create list. I do recommend a couple of things, first use specific titles, second go with your first thought. Don’t worry about offending someone, the lists are to help you, besides you can always add someone later.

As I said earlier many people think that the new measure of influence will be how many list someone is on, not their total number of followers. Number of followers has in my opinion always been a bad indicator of influence, it is just one indicator. Many people have huge numbers but are not influential. It will be interesting if now the race becomes the number of list people are on. Of course that is something only time will tell. If you want to see my list please go to List Browser and input klandwehr.