Firefox Add-ons, What Do You Use?

I decided to do something a little different  on this post, instead of talking about one specific application I decided to talk about the Firefox  add-ons I use. I am wondering what Firefox extensions do you use and why. Every Firefox user has their own list of add-ons, which is one of the reason Firefox is so popular you can tweak it to your liking. Here is my list:

  1. DownThemAll
  2. Downloadhelper
  3. Foxytunes
  4. Twittytunes
  5. Ubiquity
  6. Feedly
  7. Stumbleupon

The first two application both aid in downloading items. The first Downloadthemall allows you to download all available files from a page or a specific extension from that page.  You can use it to download all software, image files, or video files. I use it a lot if I want to download multiple podcast feeds from a page.   I actually prefer  Downloadhelper for  downloading video files.  Downloadhelper will not only download the video file but it will also convert it, so you can play them on your various applications. It works great with YouTube video. Foxytune allows you to control various audio systems such as Itunes, Pandora, Xbox Media Center, Lastfm, Foxyplayer and Rhapsody directly from Firefox. I use it along with Twittytunes, which allows you to tweet what you are playing directly from the url field.   This is especially useful when its MusicMonday on Twitter.  Ubiquity is one of the most powerful of all the add-ons I have, it allows you to do multiple task, everything from adding events to your Google calendar to zooming your Firefox windows.  All of this without having to open up another tab. It is a great time saver and getting things done tool.   Feedly is a great way to read your rss feeds and share them on various social networking sites. It is set in a magazine style and is based on Google Reader and Twitter. Last but not least is Stumbleupon which is a great way to find new Web sites or a fun way to waste time. When you hit the Stumbleupon button it takes you a random page on the Internet, you can  control what type of page you stumble to.  If you stumble to a page you like you can share the page with the Stumbleupon community. 

There are thousands of add-ons available through Firefox.  The  one of thing that you have to be aware of is what I call add on syndrome. This is where you start adding every extension or add on that people recommend, which will cause Firefox to either slow down to a crawl or  crash so often it becomes unuseable. Every once in awhile I go through my add-ons and really decide if I am using them or not. I remove the ones I am not using or have not been updated to work with the latest Firefox version.  The availabity of add ons is clearly Firefox’s biggest strength and why its so popular. So again my question is why Firefox extension do you use and why.

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3 thoughts on “Firefox Add-ons, What Do You Use?

  1. All these are great addons, BUT to me, the #1 Firefox extension is New Tab King. It’s like a dashboard of favorites and last visited sites that you see when you open a new tab. Extremely handy.
    I see it’s now ranked #1 under Mozilla Addons ‘Tabs’ section.

    – Nat

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