Zune Commercial, Misleading

I just watched the latest Microsoft commercial praising the Zune over the Ipod based on price. The commercial basically boils down to its going to cost you $30,000 to fill an 120 GB Ipod so you are better off buying a Zune and paying a subscription of $14.50 a month. First everything the commercial says is true, however its also false. Let me explain what I mean. First it assumes that I am going to get all my songs from the Itune store.   I don’t know anybody who does that. If you are older you have a large collections of CD’s that you transfer to your ipod.   People also get songs from services such as Amazon or Emusic. They also get songs from their friends. This commercial makes it seem like the goal is fill the ipod, people don’t buy a song with the idea that they are trying to fill their ipod, they buy a song because they like the song.  Whether they fill their ipod or not is not even in the thought process. Also, most people use their ipod for things other then just songs, they also have videos, podcast and audio books on them. These items take up a lot more space then songs, and tend to fill up the ipod faster. Finally, libraries are built over a lifetime, the commercial doesn’t mention this fact at all. This is not a criticism of the Zune itself, just the commercial.

2 thoughts on “Zune Commercial, Misleading

  1. And what happens to your microsoft music when you quit subscribing and paying the $14/month?

  2. I know lol when I watched the ad I youtube I was just like whatttttt.

    And who wants to rent a song? If I pay money for it I want to own it.

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