It’s Monday, it Must Be Time for a Vista Automatic Update

I have an annoying thing going on that I want to put a stop to, but don’t know how.

I am getting, almost daily, and sometimes multiple times a day, automatic updates to Vista on my Dell 1525 laptop.  I just installed two in the last ten minutes, and there was one this morning when I woke up and got online.  There was one yesterday.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, my Dell desktop running Vista rarely pulls updates, even though it has the exact same settings as the laptop when it comes to auto updates.

Both machines are running Windows Vista Ultimate Enterprise edition.  The desktop machine sits on my home network and never goes anywhere else, and the laptop sits on my home network, as well as the public and authenticated network in the office, and any wifi-capable cafe/bookstore/reststop/airport I end up in.  90% of the time, I am using a wireless network of one form or another on the laptop, and the desktop machine is also accessing the network in my house wirelessly at all times.  These machines are virtually the same, less than two months in age apart, with virtually the same programs installed.

I am befuddled by the constant requests to update I am getting on the laptop.  I have checked the auto update settings on both machines and they look identical (notify, manual install of updates).  I am completely at a loss as to why this is happening.  And I’m starting to get annoyed by it.  The laptop is the machine I use most, and to have it constantly nagging at me about a new update is cramping my style.  The two I just installed, why weren’t they together in one pack to begin with?

Confused.  Anyone else noticing this?  Any solution I should be looking for?

One thought on “It’s Monday, it Must Be Time for a Vista Automatic Update

  1. Windows also checks for driver updates. Could be your laptop hardware has had lots of driver updates recently.

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