Legacy Locker

Todd brings up this subject often. What happens to all our electronic lives when we leave this earth? We can save things to CD, on portable hard drives, lock them away in vaults and safety deposit boxes. But there’s so much more to “us” than just what we can put on CD’s.

What about all those pictures and posts and notes and emails on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LiveJournal, etc.? What about all those email accounts, and domain names you own? Who gets to retrieve those pieces of you, either for permanent archives or just for sharing and updating with those online connections that might not know you are gone from this world?

Legacy Locker is here to save the day. For a rather reasonable fee ($30 a year or a one-time payment of $300), you can list unlimited beneficiaries and assets in their “locker” system so that your loved ones (or whoever you’ve designated) can have access to all of your Internet-based things when you are gone.

Nifty, to say the least.