If You Have an App, It Should Work Correctly.

OK. I don’t know if you noticed, or if you just moved from the MySpace to Facebook, but MySpace tried to do a “Friends you might know” section as well. It’s actually a great little application – you can find out which of your friends or acquaintances are on the social network. I found classmates, relatives and even someone I met like 10 years ago working on a contract job together.

So when I noticed MySpace had the application, I thought “Great! I’ll be able to find those friends I missed in no time.” WRONG!

This application is less than spectacular on MySpace. The first person I saw on the program, I thought – “Hey, I’m already friends with them”. But ya know, people do some strange things – maybe they deleted their profile and started over. OK. I click “Add as friend”.

The program loads a page – “You are already friends with this person”. I select another name. Same thing. Reload the page – no difference.

I decided to see how much real programming they did on this application. I finally found a person I could add, so I did. When I refreshed the apps’ page, that person was back up there. I ‘deleted’ the name from the list. It said – this person was removed.

Not really. I went back on the next day, that person was back in the list – AND they were my friend, now.

If MySpace puts a lackluster effort in making something like “Friends you might know” work, what type of effort are they putting in to protect your personal information? This is not the first problem that I’ve seen with MySpace, but it is the most blatent.

This thing shouldn’t be called “Friends you might know”. It should be called “Friends you already added to your profile and cannot delete them from this list no matter how hard you try. Now go answer ’25 things’ on Facebook.”