What’s Worse than Not finding a Job? Monster.com Hacked.

Apparently Monster.com has been hacked into and Millions of profiles have been compromised. While they didn’t get items like credit cards, they do have enough information to send you convincing emails to try and scam you out of money.

But the most disturbing news is that this is the second time this month the company’s data was compromised.

Heartland Payment Systems – the company that handles Monster.com transactions – was also hacked into. Once again, nothing major like credit cards, but they could easily mess with your resume.

For those of us trying to find employment and have resumes on Monster.com, you might want to check your profile and make sure nothing has been changed. Change your password and make sure it’s not the same one you use for your email.

Most important, if you get some ‘Official email’ that asks you for items like Social Security Numbers, investigate before you reply.