Really? Paypal Can Help…

Back in June I did some work for a company overseas. It was all over the phone – I just had to talk someone through and be done with that. I suggested that they Paypal me to save on time and money, but they would have to talk to the accountant for payment.

I waited one, then two weeks. No reply. 4 weeks later, I emailed the contact to find out where what was going on. She said there was a mixup and she would get my payment out. One, two, three more weeks passed.

I sent out another email on the status. I got a reply from another person saying the original contact did not work there anymore. We then made payment arrangements. I suggested Paypal or bank wire but they said they’ll mail a cheque. It tracked to the coast when the Royal mail handed it off. To whom I do not know. Any additional tracking was non-existent and the payment was lost. Two more weeks have passed when the company said they will wire the money.

As the last email came through, they stated that “They went through great expense to stop the lost cheque and get the monies owed to me”. I was a little frustrated – After all, I offered a perfect way to pay in Paypal and also suggested wiring the transaction. They chose not to do a more direct pay and in the end I had to wait 3 months and also wouldn’t get a full amount due to exchange and transfer fees.

Granted, Paypal does have transfer fees – However I would’ve received my payment months ago instead of having to wait this long. They could’ve also avoided the snail mail and did the wire – I wouldn’t have blamed them for the fees.

I suppose I was lucky I got anything. If this client was disreputable, I would’ve lost out on all my time and work back in June. There would have been no recourse except to Blog with the companies name.

There are a couple things I did learn from this:
1. If you work with someone in another country, make sure you have all the payment
information set up in advance.
2. Once mail reaches an International border, don’t expect them to find a way and continue to track it. If the mail would have went via an international carrier like UPS, this wouldn’t have happened without an explanation and accountability.
3. Expect to wait for payment.

Like I said, I am glad I got my money. I understand currency doesn’t always translate right between countries. However there still has to be a way to send monies promised without wasting time and tons of expense to do it. Something to think about next time it happens.