And Then, Bill Gates Did the Robot Dance!

Color me confused, but I don’t understand the new Microsoft commercials at all. You know the ones, they feature Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates.

I watched the first one, and reserved judgment. Now I’ve seen the second one, and, well, I still don’t know what to say. I’ve never been a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan to begin with, but these seem even weird for him!

And what’s the point? Commercials are supposed to make you remember the product. I don’t even know what the product is, and I’ve seen both the commercials multiple times. And anyway, isn’t Bill Gates retired? What’s he doing stumping for…whatever it is Microsoft is trying to sell in the commercial?

The initial buzz made me think that geeks were just being cranky in criticizing the commercials. But I have to say, I pretty much agree with most of the comments I’ve heard this far. What the heck is the point of these commercials? Strange.

2 thoughts on “And Then, Bill Gates Did the Robot Dance!

  1. I have to admit Bill acts better than Jerry. That said they crack me up, who needs a point. The Apple commercials everyone calls so brilliant are about as fact filled as a typical political hit-piece . I suppose they could just rip off the I’m a Mac commercials only have some smirking twit driving a Yugo be a Mac and the PC be a Kenworth driver flattening the Mac, to point out their 96% worldwide market share, but they’re above stooping to Apples level.(but I’d enjoy it)

  2. I think it’s a long-term campaign, designed to ease into the Microsoft message. Notice how the end of the 2nd commercial talked a bit more about concepts.

    Will it work? Time will tell. But I think it’s a wise idea to not take an approach exactly like Apple’s spots.

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