Vongo Closes, or Did They as Starz Play takes over

Video Movie site Vongo last week posted the following statement:

Thank you for your interest in Vongo. As of August 1, 2008, we will not be accepting new subscribers for the Vongo service.

Current members will be able to use the service until Sept. 30th, 2008

They then proceed to tell you to go over to Starz Play and sign up there. No wonder – Vongo was a part of the Starz network. Starz Play started in May.

Starz has been on the Internet for a while. A couple years ago I was traveling around the state of WI on a XP upgrade project. During that time I signed up with Starz Ticket through REAL Networks. I figured since I was going to live in a lot of hotels, I want to have movies available at will.

Starz Ticket then was shuttled into the Vongo service. You would download the Vongo program in which you could browse hundreds of movies. You could also get unlimited movie access for one low price.

I think the name change is a good move. Starz has a better namesake than Vongo. I never understood companies that did separate branding of names that don’t make too much sense. If a name is popular, then keep it, but if you spin off a company – use the namesake to push it. Starz Play is a lot more marketable because people associate it with the cable movie company.

Starz Play is being “provided” by Verizon. You will get the Starz Channel and all movies licensed by Starz for the month. Up to 3 computers can watch these movies, so it might be a good family option.