Gannett “Gets It,” When Will the Networks?

So, Gannett Media has invested $10M in Mogulus. Apparently, Gannett understands the power and usefulness of not only live-streaming, but video uploading in general. Gannett is best known for owning a lot of media, including USAToday and a ton of local news stations (including one in my local market). Gannett gets it. They know that investment in live-streaming could actually cut their bottom line later, when live-streaming is used for traditional media and news coverage (no satellite uplink needed to feed to the news station).

Since many of us get our news on the web instead of through television, this can only be good. I’m one of those that sits in front of the computer all day and watching breaking news reports as they come out (it’s a hobby…I’m a nerd, what can I say). I like to see things up to the minute, and I like to see new news every time I visit a site, rather than the same story that was posted nine days ago and is no longer relevant.

How long before the networks get it too? They are missing out on amazing opportunities, and instead filling our televisions (and their online broadcast equivalents) with things like Nancy Grace and showbiz news and yesterday’s sports reports. Gannett is a powerhouse of media ownership; maybe they can convince the networks to start down a different path. We don’t want to watch everything on the boob-tube. Sometimes we want to watch it at our desks, in a hotel room, or in the office.