WiFi Helps You Park

Can’t find that next parking spot? Well, if you are in San Francisco, you will be able to use the internet to hone in on available spots.

6,000 parking spots will be fitted with a sensor that will tell you if a spot is open. When you are looking for a spot, all you have to do is pull out your phone and check for available spots. This is a 23 million dollar project called “SFPark”.

Makes you wonder what other cool ideas you could use for this technology. Embed a sensor on your driveway and the internet can tell you if you have a visitor. Maybe embed it on your front doorstep and the bell rings.

It also promotes the city WiFi and connection to. Pull out the Smart phone and connect up to get all your information. It sounds like this is only available to those who connect to the Citywide network.

Now all you have to do is fight the other traffic that is trying not to park for the spot. Hope you don’t get a “Evelyn Couch” (Fried Green Tomatoes) in her VW bug that you cut off for the spot. Also don’t get a ticket for speeding down the street to get that spot down the corner.