T-Mobile @ Home

Todd is going to love this, but T-Mobile’s Hotspot @ Home service has morphed into something that actually works, and might just replace that landline we’re all so hot to get rid of. Labeled T-Mobile @ Home, it allows you to have unlimited nationwide calling for just another $10 more on your existing T-Mobile bill.

It works with a Linksys-based VOIP router that then lets you plug in any corded phone (or cordless base station). The router costs about $50, and they even sell V-Tech cordless handsets at a pair for $60. I already have the V-Tech cordless handsets all over my house.

But I don’t have T-Mobile service, which is pretty sucky in this area (not many bars). Now if AT&T would offer something like this, I’d be on board.

Who am I kidding, AT&T giving up their landline money-makers? Never gonna happen. But a girl can dream!

Look for the T-Mobile@Home service to launch July 2.

2 thoughts on “T-Mobile @ Home

  1. I think at&t is going to jump on it (but with femtocells). At&t has to realize wired voice is dying. This could, however, keep wired data afloat and boost thier wireless business. I would anticipate something like this, and a special deal if you bundle this with at&t DSL.

  2. The service is awesome I got to beta test it about two years ago. (when I used to have T-Mobile. (I can say that, the NDA time has passed)

    The service has grown since I used it but the audio quality was quite nice actually and calls moved seamlessly from cell tower to my router. It is cool that they let you use your own cordless phones (if your using the ones they sell) Thats a step up from what I tested.

    Not sure if they force you to use their router or whatnot or how the phones have changed but we were able to use our existing routers just had to use WEP encryption.

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