It’s Easter for FireFox. Find the Eggs

If you type in “About:” in the new FireFox 3 browser, you will get the standard about screen. If you type in About:config, you will get a warning:

“This might void your Warranty”

Pressing through will give you the configuration of Firefox. About:cache, About:credits, About:license and About:buildconfig will give you information about the browser.

However, try typing in About:robots. Try typing in About:mozilla. Each one will give you an interesting response.

I tried About:IE and nothing came up. I even tried Internet Explorer, Mac, Safari, Opera, Microsoft, Windows,Apple and a whole host of others. All with the same results.

It’s great for a quick chuckle and to play with. I would guess there are other items we haven’t found yet, but a Easter egg is a great item for people start to get curious and ultimately start using the browser just to find the nuances.

There is no About:robots in IE.