eBay Baby in Custody

I am offering here my almost-new baby for sale. The baby has recently become much too loud for me. The baby is male and can be placed either in a blanket or in a pushchair

This was the eBay listing to buy a baby in Germany. The 7 – month boy named “Merlin” was up on the popular auction site for 1 euro. The mother stated this was just a joke, but the joke is on her as she lost the child to Youth Services today.

The post was up for 2 hours and 30 minutes. eBay has stopped and deleted the page and closed the sellers’ account per terms of agreement (you cannot sell human beings or body parts with the exception of a lock of hair).

It’s exasperating what some people find funny. It’s also sad to hear a small child is involved and might have to grow up in a foster environment. If it was truly a joke, then the parents should be reprimanded and let life go on.