Test your password strength

An interesting litttle app that will give a measure of how secure your password is. One extra that others like this have not offered before is the ability to download an offline version so you don’t have to enter your prospective passwords into a web site you do not control. It does not yet solve the problem that secure passwords are a pain to remember, but it can least give you an idea of the effect small tweaks to your existing password, like a random capital or susbstituting a letter for a number or symbol.

One trivial criticism I have with their algorithm is that some of their subtraction logic doesn’t stand up. If I enter the password “h@3B6)sR?” it gets a score of 100%, but if I add extra characters “h@3B6)sR?xxxx” it drops back to 0% because of the repeated characters. Technically any character combination that is secure cannot be made less secure by adding more characters whatever they are. However this is a very small issue with a very good, very simple app.

Found via lifehacker.