Points for Ingenuity

It disturbs me that I might say something positive about a spammer, but I must admit that I respect the ingenuity of this.  Reported by the BBC, spammers have invented a windows game that progressively displays more of an image if the player correctly decodes a distorted phrase.

The image is tuned to the male libido (of course) and the phrase to be decoded is a Captcha from a free email or comment entry window.  The Captcha is collected by an automated bot that tries to post or register at a protected site.  It sends the Captcha back to the player of the game and if the player correctly guesses it, they get to see more of the image and the bot gets past the protection.

From the report this system is not particularly prevalent at the moment, and hopefully the anti-virus vendors will treat this as a threat and block it, even though it poses no risk to the computer it is installed on.  It is yet another demonstration though that there is no protection that can stop human resourcefulness.  Shared access and protection are mutually exclusive.

The only way to stop spam is if we can find a way to stop it working.  If everyone just deleted it there would be no reason for it to exist.  It will be interesting to see if the increased IT literacy over time changes the efficacy of spam.