FCC Betrayed the Trust of all Americans!

I knew I was going to be disappointed today when the FCC announced the auction rules for the 700mhz Spectrum. They had a chance to allow for true innovation. Instead they have once again allowed companies like AT&T and Verizon to have a walled garden.

I am severely pissed off. Sure, the rules state that the spectrum must have Open Devices and Open Applications but the FCC threw out the baby with the bath water when they reversed course on what could have been the most positive wireless spectrum development since the invention of the radio when they closed the door and are going to allow CLOSED SERVICES and CLOSED NETWORKS.

I am truly unhappy and I hope you are as well. I encourage you to pick up the phone and call anyone and everyone you know with influence and tell them how you really feel about this.

The problem is that the majority of Americans are quite content with these companies getting their way every time. It is beyond criminal to say the very least. Google