How much do you get Paid when you Datacenter goes Dark!

I am sure that is the question a lot of companies in San Francisco are asking tonight as sites that have been down from the power outage and failure of 365 Main datacenter redundant power to come online.

Imagine you have paid this company multiple-thousands of dollars to have your equipment in a cage in a building in which the power is never supposed to go out.

While the pile of servers we have at RawVoice are not in a cage someplace they are co-located together which is as good as we are gonna get until we can afford something different.

I am sure by tomorrow morning lawyers are gonna be pouring over the 365 Main service agreements to determine just how much money they are gonna get for this monumental blunder.

I can only hope someday to have some servers in a facility of this type but when we do one thing for sure is the power better never ever go out.