US Broadband is Expensive

Tell me about it here are my monthly expenses!

Road Runner Cable $59.95
ClearWire $36.99
Sprint EVDO $79.95

I have all three services, the ClearWire and RoadRunner at home, and the Sprint EVDO while I am on the move, and I am still hurting for bandwidth with a wife and three kids all on the net.

Downstream is barely adequate and upstream speed is terrible! Comparing what others in the world are paying maybe it is time for some competition.

One thought on “US Broadband is Expensive

  1. Here in the Netherlands, we have ADSL, which is combined in a monthly plan with our phone service, and is quasi-VoIP (there is a landline somewhere in the system, but how it exactly works I don’t know…). We pay 35 euros / about US$50 and get a 1.5Mbit download, 256kbit up and free phonecalls in weekends and after 6pm. That’s pretty reasonable.
    I don’t have a mobile internet soluction, but our ISP would charge 80 euros a month (US$110) for 1.8Mbit down, 384 Kbit up, with a datalimit of 2GB, but a ‘fair-use policy’ for overage.
    I’d say you’re internet was pretty cheap!

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