Sorry Sprint you Blew It!

I have been a big fan of Sprint and I am very troubled by the news coming out that Sprint has sent notices to customers that have called their customer service line to many times.

I rely on Sprint EVDO and it makes me wonder if I would risk my service with them if I called to ask questions about my plan. Being in the service business is simply that being in service business and that requires you to take care of your customers.

But it seems that Sprint does not want customers that call looking for help with their account or have questions on billing. Here is the problem with what Sprint has done. Those customers are going to be beyond pissed and they are going to tell everyone that they know and those people are gonna tell everyone they know about the crap Sprint pulled on a customer.

This will go down as one of the most stupid moves of 2007. I am truly disappointed in their actions here. It seems mobile carriers are making all kinds of blunders. With AT&T saying they will be spying on their customers and Sprint telling their customers we no longer want your business it looks like it is a prime opportunity for Verizon to pick up a bunch of business.

I have the perfect ad campaign. AT&T Spies on You! Sprint wants to get rid of you! So why not come to Verizon where we treat our customers with respect. ZDNet