Amendment would BAN all DVD Copying

In what will be a mortal strike to Fair Use! The amendment is currently being considered by the Content Protection Advisory Council (CPAC) of the DVD CCA. If voted on the current copy protection license governing DVDs would eliminate all DVD backups, and restrict DVD playback without the DVD being in the DVD player.

This means through hardware changes you would not be able to RIP a DVD to your HD. You would not be able to play a DVD you had purchased through your Computer Media center unless you had the disk. They would within 18 months of this amendments approval force manufactures worldwide to build in anti copying technology.

This is an attempt to strike down fair use rights and pit every consumer against those trying to ram this through.

“The amendment was proposed by Chris Cookson of Warner Bros., Ben Carr of Walt Disney Studios, Jeffrey Lawrence of Intel, Gabe Beged-Dov of Hewlett-Packard, David Harshman of Toshiba, and Andy Parsons of Pioneer Electronics”

What is driving this is the desire to kill Kaleidescape a company that won a court ruling that allows them to rip DVD to a media system that allows playback of DVDs without the DVD.

The broader implications in this are significant.