Road Runner Implemented Packet Shaping

Well this is really bad news for those of use on Road Runner service. Apparently their network cannot handle the amount of traffic they are moving and they are now going to start throttling power users usage.

If you consume a lot of bandwidth aka media you are going to be in for a huge surprise when the speed of your connection drops to a trickle. The announcement came via e-mail and no where on the Time Warner / Road Runner website can the the announcement be found. On a side not I think my personal connection on Friday was throttled and it makes sense I am a power user.

I suspect they had to officially announce it, but did not want it to get into the public media stream as something folks could link to.

From the e-mail this section was the most telling

“Packet shaping” technology has been implemented for newsgroup applications, regardless of the provider, and all peer-to-peer networks and certain other high bandwidth applications not necessarily limited to audio, video, and voice over IP telephony. Road Runner reserves the right to implement network management tools for other applications in the future.”’

Very sad to see them go down this road. Time to get FIOS.