Google Privacy Ranking

It comes as no surprise to me that Google would be ranked the lowest in Privacy Ranking by Privacy International.

My continued bone of contention is on the huge scope of information that the collect and are able to connect the dots on. While I must give Google credit for some things like not providing search results to the DOJ last year where others did they also continue to make people mad.

You do realize that you know have to tell Google through and account setting to not store your search results. You did realize they are storing your search queries correct? One commenter summed up my thoughts pretty closely

The commentary is hot and heavy on this and while I will continue to use Google’s products and services I understand that they will know more about me than I know about myself.  Matt Cutts

While the report may have some flaws, Google needs to realize we are all becoming very aware that Google has the potential to have way to much information on each of us.

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  1. Would you please consider reducing the length of your rants about the RIAA? I agree with your position but your distaste tends to go for 5-10 minutes each time. I’m a long time listener so i’ve heard it many times.

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