TorrentSpy now Spying on Users!

TorrentSpy one of the leading Torrent sites has been ordered by a judge to keep log files of all their users actions through log file monitoring, They were ordered to keep log files overriding their own privacy policy which says that they will never monitor their users.

Worse still they have been ordered to turn those logs over to the MPAA, this is simply incredible.  The MPAA will be able to utilize those log files to prosecute people who are making movies available for download and also prosecute those that are downloading them.

Thus any copyrighted media that is downloaded can be tracked and those users are at extreme risk. The company has a stay until Jun 12 in order to file an appeal.

“An attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation referred to the order to demand a defendant log visitor activity and then hand over the information to the plaintiff as “unprecedented.” He continued “In general, a defendant is not required to create new records to hand over in discovery. We shouldn’t let Web site logging policies be set by litigation”

My friends this is simply and utterly amazing!