RIAA Hard Drive Imaging Ruling

There is very interesting developments in just how the RIAA can image those they are suing hard drives. While the ruling change is significant, the responses on slashdot made me really wonder about people.

Respondents were talking about hiding their hard-drive in a wall someplace or using encryption techniques to mask the media, you would think it would be easier to just buy the media they are enjoying versus using P2P and not worry about getting a subpoena. Slashdot

One thought on “RIAA Hard Drive Imaging Ruling

  1. A lot of them do buy their media, but from sources like cdbaby.com. They sell a lot of indie music, but the catch is some is good and a lot is bad. The draw back is you have to wade through tons of the bad stuff to get to the good.

    Personally, I either buy the occasional good song that comes out on iTunes or do without. I would very much rather buy a song/album on iTunes and go through the “burn and rip” than try to deal with broken CDs. Besides, these days I just hook my iPod up to the truck stereo and I can get mostly commercial-free programming I can’t get anywhere else.

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