Web Radio RIP unless you Act Today!

Can3Think I’m kidding? The picture to the left should explain it all. I am asking you to get involved today! The recent ruling against Internet Radio by the copyright board judge is going to require and all out battle. The only way you can save Internet Radio, Webcasters, and media streaming to your mobile devices is to get mad and demand that congress do something about this now! The RIAA goal is to destroy thousands of independent Internet Radio stations and unless something is done immediately streaming sites are going to be going off the air effective immediately!


One thought on “Web Radio RIP unless you Act Today!

  1. What really bugs me is all that legislation in another country that has an impact on my daily life and nothing I can do about it. I´m taxed without a representative to turn to. Revolutions have been started over that, you know.

    All the RIAA has accomplished with me so far, is that I have become reluctant buying music. As I don´t do illegal downloading, the quantity of new music I buy is down to the releases of 3 artists I really like. Over the last three years I bought about 5 CD´s because of this.
    It´s the same with the MPAA. I started to collect Star Trek movies. I have three now but I can´t make myself buy more and hand over money, if only indirectly, to these !$#&%´s
    On the plus side, I always loved the books more than the moving stuff, so I bought some of those (really, the very best ST can be found in the books – just read ´A stitch in time´ and ´The 34rd rule´)

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