Google Adwords Something is Fishy

I am currently running four Google Adwords campaigns for a couple of our sites and did a significant amount of research into the 100 or so search words I am using in the campaigns. Tonight when I went to check on their performance.  I found nearly all of them inactive, and the bid amounts needing to be increased.

When I set the keywords up most of the terms had no advertisers for the keywords, and tonight when I went back and checked most of those same keywords do not have anyone bidding on them currently. Yet Google wants me to pay in some instances as much as a 10 fold increase in the base click through rate for the ad.

This is absolutely bull crap, their is something fundamentally wrong with their system. I was willing to pay a fair value for the keyword placement, and now it is going to cost me as much as 10 times as much for the keyword when no one else is bidding on the term, really makes me wonder it really does.

Many of these keywords were very specific, and setup for people looking for very specific information. I am just a little bit pissed off but I can guarantee one thing I am not paying anymore money for a keyword that no one else is currently targeting just because they want to extort more money out of me when someone does a search for the specific keyword.

4 thoughts on “Google Adwords Something is Fishy

  1. Todd,
    My experience is much the same.
    I set up an adwords account and it worked fine the first day. On the second day, all of the keywords were inactive and the cost-per-click had doubled. My keywords are very specific and relevant and for some of them nobody else is bidding. Looks like the policy is to get you hooked with a low price, then crank up the price.


  2. I have noticed the same thing on my account. a good portion of my adwords have shot up to to £2.50 for no reason. I wonder what Google is playing at.

  3. My experience with Adwords is simple, I disabled it all and haven’t turned it back on in about 2.5 years. I ended up in a bidding war with the eBay bot, and it ended up costing a pretty penny when all said and done. Even some of the lower priced adwords ended up being really expensive. Funny thing is, my server logs didn’t log much of a difference between the traffic from when my adwords were active, and when they weren’t. Go figure.

    Google is very good at making it very expensive for small advertisers.


  4. Yeah, had the same problem. my theory is that related to google earnings. Seems to happen before the end of the quarter and/or early into the quarter.

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