Blogger Code of Conduct

I understand their are a lot of emotions out their considering the mean and hurtful things some people directed at some women Bloggers. But in all honesty at this point in the game I am pretty thick skinned. I survived the days of flaming on Bulletin Board Systems, that makes some of the stuff that has been written on the net lately seem pretty tame. I don’t excuse the behaviour or writings but I also understand it comes with the territory.

Those that grew up on dial up and Bulletin Boards had to learn quick to be think skin or just get off line.

I understand people’s sensitivities over the issue, and while I have always maintained a professional and personal code of conduct I do not feel inclined at this time to endorse something that was written, or as some say adopted as a result of an emotional event.

I am going to copy from Michael Arrington blog and say the following.

“I’m not going to always try to talk privately with someone before i write, and I’m also not going to allow a mob to decide what types of words constitute “unacceptable content.” And I’m certainly not putting a badge on my site that says whether I comply or not.”

If people want to jump on and say I agree with the Blogger Code of Conduct that is their business, but I know who I am, and how I treat people, and the idea of having to validate in writing that I do this is insulting. O’Reilly Radar