Landmark news from EMI, DRM free music on iTunes

Today is a day of victory for Fair Use and I applaud EMI’s decision to stop being evil and offering up their entire music catalog DRM free. For the first time in many years we have a business decision that finally makes sense.

Audio consumers worldwide should herald this decision and congratulate EMI.

Starting in May you will be able to purchase 256kb encoded singles for $1.29 each and lower encoded rates at a lower price. These will be delivered in AAC which is a smart move as most media players today will play AAC files including the Zune. AAC does not come with the legal issues that MP3 files have.

I will honor my commitment and start purchasing songs as soon as they come available and will for the first time in years purchase a boat load of DRM free music.  EMI

4 thoughts on “Landmark news from EMI, DRM free music on iTunes

  1. did you see it won’t cost any extra for complete albums? I bought stuff on iTunes in the past, and I will buy again now that I can get DRM-free songs.

  2. I do not think this is the revelation people think it will be, nobody that I know is downloading illegal music is going to pay for it any time soon, I predict that EMI will realize that it is too little too late and go back to the wicked ways within a year.

  3. What about players that do support AAC such as the Creative Zen Vision:M or the Sandisk Sansa? Hopefully, DRM-free WMA files will be available from Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, etc.

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