Time to Fight the RIAA in the Media and Press!

The ongoing organised crime like tactics that the RIAA is employing to get settlements has to stop. Their settlement through intimidation process goes against all levels of corporate decency. While I do not agree with people stealing music I also feel people are afforded due process in this country.

The ongoing extortion and letters of threats sent by the army of RIAA lawyers is doing nothing but making an entire generation absolutely hate this organisation.

With the RIAA involvement in the death of Internet radio, this organisation is doing more to destroy the recording industry than anything else on this planet. The question record labels and artist should be asking is this, how is ongoing campaign of extortion going to effect record and music sales in the long run.

I have not purchased any RIAA music in over 4 years because of their ongoing actions and will not until they stop. But now with the RIAA focusing on colleges the price of tuition is in a indirect way is going to go up.

How many students will be forced to leave school because of the terrorising activities of the RIAA in extorting money from college students. Let’s face it most will never be able to afford due process. The RIAA are preying on those that cannot afford a lawyer.

Join me in calling out the RIAA for the thugs that I think they are. TechDirt.com

2 thoughts on “Time to Fight the RIAA in the Media and Press!

  1. Webcasters must now showcase new talent and give the kiss-off to RIAA. Let the major media
    try to hold the fort against the interactive revolution. They’re incestuous, insipid and anachronistic. It’s like vaudeville against radio and tv…does anyone remember it? And Remember the Alamo!

  2. I’m all for revealing the RIAA for the thugs they are. But how exactly do we do it? I tell as many people as I can and, from EFF, I do try to get in touch with my local representatives but I fear that they aren’t listening.

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