Google Reader FeedFetcher Subscriber Count!

Well sitting here in Chicago tonight with the guys from RawVoice and were talking about the Google Reader reporting in the log files how many Google Reader Subscribers there are.

I was surprised to see the count “3832” I would have never imagined that their would have been that many people using Google Reader reading this blog.  Below is a example of the way they report this – – [17/Feb/2007:00:01:50 -0800] “GET /index.xml HTTP/1.1” 304 – “-” “Feedfetcher-Google; (+; 3832 subscribers; feed-id=10077062573088449435)”

3 thoughts on “Google Reader FeedFetcher Subscriber Count!

  1. I wonder if they rotate the items in the Geeky bundle ever now and again. GNC isn’t in the list anymore. I have also noticed a large number of readers emerging from the Google Reader (almost 1200 for Hacked Gadgets).

    I might have to switch, the interface looks and feels quite nice.

  2. I’m one of them. Google Reader will automatically subscribe you to it if you add their geeky set.. Also gives you make and lifehacker. Very cool stuff

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