RIAA try to get ISP’s to hold customer logs longer!

The RIAA must be having some trouble in court as they have had issues with mis-identification of the people they are going after. So in order to preserve evidence longer they want ISP’s to hold connection logs up to 180 days. If the ISP agrees to do so apparently the RIAA will offer those they are suing a discount on their settlement of $1000.00

So let me get this straight, the RIAA wants ISP’s to hold logs longer, which will in turn let them sue more people, and in return the RIAA is going to do the ISP a favour and help their customers save money in the litigation that may or may not have happened had the ISP held the logs for a shorter period.

This stinks really bad and it is obvious that the RIAA sees a lot of money to be made in their continual abuse of the justice system and strong arming of those they are accusing.

Any ISP that agrees to this should be put on a blacklist. recordingindustryvspeople.blogspot.com

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