Google TV?

It appears that Google may be about ready to launch Google TV some people are calling it a Hoax I am on the fence so far. After reviewing the Videos I am 50/50 on whether it is a hoax or not, if it turns out to be a hoax then it is one of the best Google Hoax’s ever.  It would be pretty interesting if they did launch something like this.

2 thoughts on “Google TV?

  1. I don’t think its fake all together, but to the point were they say paste a link and email to you to get and then log in 300 times or what not i think thats complete bull shit.

    Now google have the domain name, so there is some speculation that they are going to do it.

    The videos what are surfing around about googletv were it surpost to show u the reall thing is fake totally.

    Also why would some one come up with that shit on how to join the beta program for it god knows it really reatrded.

    It also might be an atempt to lock down google in the sights of an some sort of internet attack.

  2. there is a way to use the google tv services right now!!
    if you go to and scroll down till about the middle of the page there is a video on how to do it. (you need to have/make a gmail account)

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