Why does MPAA need Pretexting?

MpaaIt seems that the very thing that may get an ex HP CEO thrown in Prison is the very thing that the MPAA wanted to be assured would not be banned in legislation in California. I find it very disturbing that the MPAA would need to use the highly controversial practice of pretending to be someone else in order to obtain personal information.

Wired broke this story and if the following two paragraphs don’t make you site up and say what’s going on nothing will in response to the bill they objected to.

“The bill won approval in three committees and sailed through the state Senate with a 30-0 vote. Then, according to Lenny Goldberg, a lobbyist for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, the measure encountered unexpected, last-minute resistance from the Motion Picture Association of America.

“The MPAA has a tremendous amount of clout and they told legislators, ‘We need to pose as someone other than who we are to stop illegal downloading,'” Goldberg said.”

In my personal opinion their needs to be a federal investigation into exactly how the MPAA is posing as someone other than who they are. If the above statement is above board then like the HP CEO that may be headed to prison maybe some MPAA executives need to be indicted as well. [Wired]