Google Saves our Startup a Lot of Money!

I am pretty happy with Google, they responded to my plea to approve a domain we wanted to move to their Google Apps service. In my inbox this morning was an approval. That shows you one the power of blogging and that there definitely is someone awake over their listening.

It took me about 20 minutes to move about 20 e-mail accounts and bunch of forwards. Made the change on DNS and bam we are now are benefiting from the power of there service.

What’s best is that already between, on Google Apps I have not had to deal with over 2000 spam messages being down loaded into Outlook. I found only 1 false positive in 2000 spam messages. This to me has made the switch worth it completely.

Google has been pretty smart here, we use Google Groups, Writley, Google Apps, Analytics, Base, Adsense, Adwords and a whole bunch of other services tied together to run a virtual office I really love it and the best part it’s free minus Adwords.

We have been using a collaborative application called Groove and Ill be honest with you it is a memory pig. I a sure Google will be allowing people to store files at some point online as well, and when they do that we will be leaving Groove and its $165.00 per seat cost behind.

For a company that has to make every dollar go farther and every resource as optimized as possible Google is a startups best friend.