Subjects of Britain told they are breaking law by using

This has been a tough week for the Russian operators of they are under attack at all angles. With the WTO getting in on the action yesterday and now reports that if you live in Britain and use you will be subject to prosecution.

What kills me is that if these idiots in the record industry would price music correctly everyone would pay for a lot of music versus using controversial sites that are out there. I am sure this is not going to slow people down from buying music at the site.

Why do consumers like so much well it’s pretty simple NO DRM and you get high quality music from the site. The site complies with Russian laws and pays the fees it is supposed to the Russian governing agency. But what this all boils down to is control.

This is the primary reason I now only support Independent Artist I have not purchased a mainstream signed album in at least 4 years. I have voted with my wallet. I don’t need sites like or any other site that sells music all I need is access to Indie artist sites. [BBC]