What will the world of Blogging RSS and OPML be without Dave

Personally I like Dave Winer, I may not agree with everything he says all the time, but I at least listen and reflect on things he has to say and consider his view point important. With a growing blogging world and converging commercial interest Dave has stood the line and battled a great fight to halt commercial interest from compromising the RSS standard. I understand his frustration to a certain extent, and with so many forces moving to make changes in format, that fit their agenda, their are only so many sucker punches a person can take before one says I have had enough.

This is what I know and will acknowledge till the end of time. Dave stewardship of RSS 2.0 resulted in a lot of people getting rich, his forethought of putting the enclosure tag in RSS 2.0 will continue to revolutionize the way audio an video media is delivered. Thus Dave is at least 50% responsible for Podcasting, he is entitled to that claim! The development of Radio Userland drove people to start companies, to build blogging tools which kick started a whole bunch of cottage industries, companies like Technorati, SixApart, Pubsub, Feedster.

Twenty years ago a Japanese man I was friends with, gave me a stock tip, it was a company that was just getting started and to this day I send that man a bottle of Whiskey every New Years as his tip ended up being a very good one. That man knew a lot about technology at a time when I did not. So I would hope that if Dave some of these companies send Dave a bottle of his choice from time to time as a Thank You.

Additionally so far as I know he is responsible for the unconference which in todays commercial world is a very difficult thing to put together especially when everyone hand is everyones else pocket and payola and the conference side of things is a multi-billion dollar industry where you pay to go to a conference and then hear people sell you there products in the form of infomercials during supposed training and breakout sessions.

Dave, personally I hope you don’t push away the keyboard and if you do some of us will be here to fight the battle. [Scripting News]