Cease and Desist letters going to a few Podcasters

I am not at liberty to say at this point as their is likely a legal battle about to begin between some podcasters that have been asked to change their show names in an attempt by a company to very liberally protect their trademark.

Clarified Sentence The C&D that are being sent are using specific word or fragments of a word that is part of another companies trademark service. (I have removed the section of the sentence that was causing confusion)

Update: The word triggering the C&D is not “show” but is a word that is being used by some podcasters, I will post when I can what that word is. Sorry for the confusion. The company doing the C&D is not a podcast company nor does it have ties to podcasting.

I have referred two shows to the the EFF and if they decide to challenge the request hopefully they will help them out, if you are a lawyer and have some pro-bono time you would like to contribute to help a podcaster out, in what I think is likely a company that is being a bit over zealous with their Trademark enforcement.

Whats said is this particular company according to Google searches have went after quite a few people.