edgeio will change the way things are sold on line!

I spent about a hour exploring edgeio last night in the very late evening hours, and must say that I am impressed. The concept is beyond simple, the next time you have something to sell don’t go to ebay and sell it and pay all kinds of ridiculous fees, use your pre-established website to sell or offer services via edgeio for free. Here is how it works the next time you have a service to offer or something to sell, post a weblog entry with the details, then tag the article with the word “listing”. The edgeio site will be on the lookout on various weblog search services for the tag “listing” and as soon as it sees it edgeio will automatically aggregate the post and classify the listing in a category.

You can also force the service to index your website, you can claim your websites and add info to your profile including your flickr, linkedin accounts and others to establish who you are etc..

Personally I have a pile of stuff I would like to sell, but don’t have time for ebay or craigslist, but I do have time to go and post something on my own website helps build my brand, and keeps me from paying all of these little fees associated with some of the auction services out there.

Very powerful and I look forward to the edgeio official launch. [edgeio]

edgeio-key: 774fd2412efffe8b84da06c4d7be290248f9c948