ViperSmart car security and a lot more

viper logoViperSmart stopped by TPN recently to discuss SmartStart, which can start, lock, unlock and monitor your car from anywhere. Those controls can all be handled from a smartphone app — either Android, iPhone or Blackberry. In fact the company president demonstrated that he could unlock his car, located in California while sitting in Las Vegas.

The app also receives trouble codes from the engine and alerts you to these, essentially monitoring your vehicles health, including if your battery is running low. It will alert you if your doors are unlocked or if your trunk is open, locate your car and monitor the speed of travel (in case your teen borrows it).

The plan is on a per-car basis, not a per driver and it runs about $3 per month, though the charge is actually annual. Some features are separate and can add a bit to the price. The app itself is free. Users will need to install the system in their car and the entry level version is $299.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net and Daniel J Lewis of  Audacity to Podcast

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