Jimmy Kimmel Shows Off the “iPhone 5”

Alright, I realize that based on my rant yesterday, and now this, I look like an Apple hater and I can assure you that I am really not.  I am, however, upset about the previously mentioned connector issue that caused my daughter to decide she no longer wanted the new iPhone, and I also have a sense of humor, which is why I found last night’s Jimmy Kimmel bit very amusing.

The segment has been making the rounds today for good reason.  The show sent a reporter out on the street to ask people what they thought of the new iPhone 5 but, since the handset isn’t yet available, what these unsuspecting passers-by were actually shown was the iPhone 4S, the previous model of the Apple phone.  As the saying goes, hilarity ensued.

The video was certainly edited to weed out the more knowledgeable users, but it still made for some entertaining TV.  I won’t give anything away, just check it out for yourself below.