An Open Letter to Apple: Seriously?! You Can’t Standardize your Connector?!

Before you get up-in-arms and act like an Apple fanboy, hear me out.  Today Apple rolled out their iPhone 5.  It will, of course, own the news cycle for a day or two.  I get that.  They have a loyal following, and it’s somewhat deserved.  After all, they make some great products.  Maybe they aren’t really the innovators that everyone makes them out to be, but they certainly perfect what has been invented prior.

However, and this isn’t just an Apple thing because Sony annoys everyone in this way as well, they can’t seem to meet industry standards for anything.  They trumpeted firewire, then dropped it.  They adopted a new monitor connector.  Now, despite the fact that previous iPhones had one type of connector, they have changed it for the latest version.  And, it is STILL not compatible with ANY other phone on the market.

Speaking personally, we have at least 10 phone chargers plugged in around out home.  Would any of us switch to an iPhone?  My daughter actually wanted to, but then was put off by all of the complications of everything she would have to do.  New chargers in the home and car, incompatibility…

Seriously Apple?!   Your products are different and we all get that.  We love them, we really do.  But get with program and make them compatible in every home, or Android will continue to outsell you 3-1.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Apple: Seriously?! You Can’t Standardize your Connector?!

  1. I am kinda sick of the 30 pin, so for me the new one is welcome. Also I have a shoe box full of old phone connectors from phones, cameras, and other electronics.

    I would like a standard in all charging, not just phones!!

  2. Android outsells Apple 3-1 because they make tons of cheap plastic phones and not everyone can afford (or is smart enough) to get an iPhone.

    has nothing to do with connectors.

    Doesn’t mean your argument isn’t a valid one.. you just blew it there in the end.

    Personally I don’t see 15 different forms of USB connector very “standard” either…

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