New Infographic – The Demographics of Social Media

The website Advertising Age released a cool new infographic comparing various social media – namely Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  There are some interesting facts revealed here.  For instance the Social Media space is lead by the 35-54 age group, the leading country for Facebook is the US, but the second is Indonesia, the leading country for LinkedIn is also the US, but it’s followed by India, and females outpace males as Twitter users.

While some of this strikes me as common sense (like Twitter being dominated by the 35-54 age group), some of it amazes me (like there are significantly more female users and visitors to Twitter).  For anyone who runs a web site this is pretty good information to have.  It can provide a lot of aim to your marketing and SEO efforts.  For those who don’t run a site it’s still a bit of pretty interesting information to parse over.

demographics of social media

2 thoughts on “New Infographic – The Demographics of Social Media

  1. This is pretty good, Alan. Demographics speak loudly. And, we better listen. Knowing the aim of your organization, your target audience, and following through on that information can pay dividends for your company or organization. Knowing who exactly will buy your product, invest in your business or even express interest, is vital to growth, expansion and leads. has a great article and resource on this. Your article here is definitely a proactive approach: Know your target audience and plan, plan, plan.

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