GNC-2010-09-17 #611 Wait till you see the Rover Tracks!

There is so much great tech in this show, that I did not get through the entire stack some of the stuff at the end I only casually covered due to time constraints. Join me on Saturday for The Morning Show. Should be a great show, we have two new guest, one calling in from the UK. Have suggestions on topics for the morning show get them in today. Huge Thanks to all of the supporters of the show.

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Listner / Viewer Links:
Roll your own Pencils.
The Big Picture around the solar System.
UK Digital Rights Anti Piracy Bill.

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Is Twitter All that?
More Bandwidth Please.
Tricaster Upgrade Update.
Backup Shuttle Crew Picked.
Malware everywhere?
Samsung serious about OTT!
Track flights near real time on Google Earth.
News Curation.
LTE to Bandwidth Rescue.
Time Warner appears to retaliate.
Is that Twitter DM really Private?
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AVCHD + MTS – YouTube.
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New way to Fly?
Google Interview Process.
Jobs at Google.
Will you buy Google TV?
Samsung Media Hub.
LRO gets new Mission.
Galaxy 15 Still a Zombie.
Moon Crater Map.
More Ad Tracking.
Google Employee spying on Teens Fired.
Freedom of Speech in Trouble.
Dr. Ann de Wees Allen Trademarked her Name Loser!
Low Power Sensors using Powerline Technology.
Some Netflix users need to get a life.
Why is Broadband so Expensive?
Yahoo Version 11 will it help?
New Solar company comes to Hawaii.
iPad killing Netbook Sales.
Newspapers on iPad.
Xprize Winner Announced.
JP Morgan Chase Online Banking Issues.
The New Twitter a Visual Experience.
IE9 Beta.
Chrome 7 60x Speed Increase.

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