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Gadgets Galore for 007

With only a month to go until the next 007 film, “No Time To Die“, there’s plenty of James Bond-themed goodies for the spyhunters out there.

Omega Seamaster Watch with mesh braceletAs Mr Bond’s watch brand of choice in the recent films, Swiss timekeepers Omega have the Seamaster Diver 300m 007 Edition which comes in a 42 mm titanium case on a titanium mesh bracelet, though a brown, grey and beige Nato strap more in keeping with the military is also available. You know that this isn’t going to be cheap so get your credit card out for this one at GB£7,390.

Swatch Q WatchStaying with watches but significantly reducing the price, Swatch have their Swatch X 007 collection. It’s a range of six watches based on different Bond films, one for each of the actors that has played 007.

  • Sean Connery – Dr No
  • George Lazenby – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • Roger Moore – Moonraker
  • Timothy Dalton – Licence to Kill
  • Pierce Brosnan –The World is Not Enough
  • Daniel Craig – Casino Royale

A seventh Swatch model will be worn by Q in the forthcoming film and is pictured left – I quite like that. The Swatches are more reasonably priced at around £70-£80, though the price for the Q watch hasn’t been confirmed.

Stamps showing scenes from James Bond filmsMoving away from watches and over to stamps, the UK’s Royal Mail has James Bond special stamps featuring both the actors and the vehicles from the films. There’s quite a collection on show from a character set at £7.20 through to silver stamps at £199. The stamps have hidden features which are only revealed under UV light. Very spy.

There’s plenty of other James Bond tie-ins out there – these were just a couple that caught my eye. If you really want to get into the world of 007, check out Bond Lifestyle for links to all the clothes, sunglasses and real-world gear used in the films.

Burg Watch Phone

One time there was a very popular comic strip in the 1930 of a detective known as Dick Tracy, one of the coolest gadgets that Dick Tracy had was a watch that was also a phone. Now over eighty years later the Dick Tracy watch has become a reality in the Burg line of watches.

The Burg Watches come in a sports and a children models. The basic Burg Watch will just make phone calls and do SMS messages. With the high end models you can make phone calls, send SMS messages, play music, take pictures and organize your data. It has 3.2 mb of memory and a USB connection. You can also record calls, and view images. The background can be changed to any photo you have on file on the watch. They do not connect to social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook at this time, but the company hopes the new models coming out in April will. You change from a regular watch to a phone by turning the dial. To access the menu on the higher end watches you simply push a button on the side of the watch. To get access to a specific section of a menu you simply tap on that section. These are stand alone phones and can be used with a Bluetooth headset.

I didn’t see any price I the Web site but there was one model available on Amazon for a little over $60.00. These would be great for a someone like a child who needs to have a phone with them, but is constantly losing theirs. The watches also have GPS in them so you can keep track of them easily.

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