Blubrry Podcasting Introduces Quicklinks

Are you looking for a new way to simplify your podcasting experience? Blubrry Podcasting has recently announced the launch of its exciting new feature, Quicklinks, that promises to allow podcasters to share a simple link to connect to them, their content, and social media. Read on to learn more about this groundbreaking announcement and how it could benefit you. See an example of Blubrry’s Quicklink page at

1. Overview of Blubrry Podcasting and Quicklinks

Blubrry Podcasting is a full-service podcast hosting platform that provides services such as media hosting, RSS creation, website design, and analytics. Recently, they announced the launch of their new feature, Quicklinks, which allows podcasters to create and share customized URL links for their podcasts easily. Quicklinks are designed to make it simpler to promote the podcast and its episodes on social media, websites, and other platforms.

2. What are Quicklinks, and how do they work?

Quicklinks is a custom URL created by Blubrry Podcasting at that links directly to their podcast content. They make it easier for podcasters to promote their content on various digital platforms. Once podcasters have created a link, when users click it, they are sent directly to the page with the episode and all the relevant subscription & contact information.

3. Benefits of Quicklinks for podcasters

Quicklinks provide several benefits for podcasters, including increased exposure to their content and improved engagement with listeners. With Quicklinks, podcasters can quickly post links to their show on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and track how many people view the link. This can help them gain more followers and subscribers and build relationships with existing followers.

4. How to set up Quicklinks

Setting up Quicklinks is quick and easy. Podcasters need to log into their Blubrry Podcasting account and go to the “Quicklinks” tab in the show manage tab. From there, they can configure the service by adding social links and organizing subscribe and follow links. Finally, they can copy the link and share it on their website or any other platform.

5. Conclusion: Why podcasters should consider using Quicklinks

Quicklinks are an excellent tool for podcasters looking to promote their content across different digital platforms and increase engagement with listeners. Furthermore, Blubrry Podcasting provides detailed analytics on podcast plays. Quicklinks is an invaluable resource for podcasters looking to expand their reach and gain more followers.

Blubrry Podcasting’s announcement of Quicklinks provides podcasters with the tools they need to boost their reach and engage with listeners in a new way. It’s an exciting development for Blubrry hosting customers and will surely help podcasters grow their shows. With Quicklinks, Blubrry Podcasting continues to be an innovator, providing users with the cutting-edge tools they need to succeed.

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